Joanna Vargas

From 4-figures to 6-figures per month:
The ecommerce growth marketing strategies Joanna Vargas used to enter the digital market.

2-Year Growth Achievements


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About Joanna Vargas

Founded on the philosophy that everyone can have great skin, Joanna Vargas sells celebrity-quality skincare products. Packed full of natural ingredients, their line of clean and customizable cosmetics achieve noticeable results for customers around the world. Joanna Vargas skincare is known for breathing life into your skin and bliss into your daily routine.

The Challenge

Before turning to Subrosa for growth and marketing expertise, Joanna Vargas primarily catered to wholesale clients and had only just debuted a website to sell their skincare products.

Despite their heavenly product line, the Joanna Vargas website was still only seeing four-figures per month in sales. Their team may have been new to ecommerce growth marketing, but they were confident they could achieve more.

“Very quickly we realized we needed someone to help us run ads and acquire customers,” points out Emily Wyatt, Chief Brand Officer at Joanna Vargas.

If they wanted to jump ahead of other beauty brands, the founders and their expert sales team understood that they needed to attract new customers and maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of current ones.

To tackle these problems, the Joanna Vargas team sought out an ecommerce growth marketing specialist to design and implement a powerful strategy for acquisition, retention, and monetization.

The Solution

Joanna Vargas needed a comprehensive ecommerce marketing solution. In Subrosa, they discovered a team of experts that embodied their same ideals: clean and customizable marketing that got noticeable results.

“We approached every week knowing that the Subrosa team would bring something to the table,” says CBO Emily Wyatt.

“Subrosa devised a sweeping strategy that satisfied all of Joanna Vargas’s needs.” Wyatt explains, “Subrosa put together strategies for advertising, attracting clients, monetizing the customers we already had, and optimizing our website for conversion.”

The Subrosa team took customer engagement to a new level, as well. In Wyatt’s words, “Subrosa also helped with newsletters, contests, and being connected with the right third-party vendors that could help us with any plans we were working on.”

The Results

After just two years of working with Subrosa to implement a deliberate ecommerce growth marketing strategy, Joanna Vargas is reaping rewards far beyond their original goals.

Working with Subrosa was the key to driving ecommerce revenue from four-figures up to six-figures per month.

For CBO Emily Wyatt and her team, communication was key. They didn’t want to “set it and forget it.” Her team wanted to learn, and Subrosa was eager to oblige.

Unfortunately, many brands selling consumer packaged goods (CPG) have suffered in 2020. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joanna Vargas still grew by 156% in year-over-year (YOY) revenue from 2019 to 2020.

“Working with Subrosa was a game-changer for the growth of our company. They took us from a small, undeveloped ecommerce program to one that is fully robust – resulting in exponential customer acquisition and retention,” says Wyatt.

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